9 Basics of Lawn Care Every Home Owner in Roswell GA Should Know About

31 Aug 9 Basics of Lawn Care Every Home Owner in Roswell GA Should Know About

Is your lawn getting the best care it needs? Is it smooth and lush-green looking? Getting that perfect look for your lawn can be fairly simple and easy. Think about what the grass needs. Think about the basics – water, sun, fertilizer.
These 10 basic lawn care tips will help you get started.

1. Test the soil – First is to test the pH of your soil. DIY test kits are available for this. Strip an area of all weeds, including roots. Next is to rototill and loosen compaction. Use a roller to pack down the soil.

2. Seeding – Sod can be expensive. An alternative would be to seed the area yourself. This can be done through a method called hydro-seeding.

3. Mowing – Most people mow their lawns really short says lawn care Roswell GA experts. Taller grass promotes better roots development. It’s important to know that cutting the grass shorter does not mean mowing it less. It grows faster that way. Use the one-third rule.

4. Watering – water the lawn once a week, but water it deep. Weekly soaking makes roots extend deeper into the soil. Water your lawn in the morning. This is the best time to water the lawn because the warming sun will dry the grass and lessen the chance getting diseases.

5. Feed your lawn – all kinds of lawns need fertilizers twice a year. North: Feed in fall and spring. South: Feed in spring and summer.

6. Aerating – When grass gets too compacted, nutrients can’t penetrate to the root system where they’re most needed. Aerating, poking holes in your lawn to improve oxygen circulation and is best when the soil is moist and the grass is actively growing. One common mistake is aerating when the soil is dry and hard.

7. Weeding – the secret to getting rid of weeds, is to grow such healthy grass that it chokes out the invaders naturally. Use natural herbicides when you need to.

8. Treat Broadleaf Weeds – Broadleaf weeds are a huge problem for lawn lovers. Treat actively growing weeds. Apply granular products on a dewy morning. When used properly, broadleaf weed killers are highly effective. The weeds must be well watered and actively growing for the chemical to work.

9. Use weed preventers – weed preventers control crabgrass and other weeds by stopping their seeds from germinating. This should be applied early in the growing season. This is like vaccinating your lawn against weeds.