Lawn Care Milton, GA Pros Quick Guide on Tree Mulching in Summer

31 Aug Lawn Care Milton, GA Pros Quick Guide on Tree Mulching in Summer

Under the hot sun of Georgia summer, all gardens, vegetation areas, landscapes and properties need adequate maintenance to not fall prey to the scorching sun, the various pests infesting all gardens and the terrible diseases that concoct in heat and spread like nightmares. Unfortunately, gardeners tend to take their trees for granted and overlook them when they employ summer maintenance and health measures to their landscapes. After all, trees are resilient to climacteric conditions, especially the native ones, and given enough water, they can deal with pretty much anything. Our lawn care Milton, GA experts, however, beg to differ: trees are very vulnerable to the unholy triad of heat, pests and diseases, especially in summer, this is why they need special protection. Today we have a mixed group of lawn care Milton, GA experts and Roswell, GA pros who are willing to offer you a quick 101 guide on summer tree mulching.

Why is Tree Mulching so Important?

We have mentioned mulch many times before – this organic product you can make in your back yard or purchase from specialized stores acts like a natural barrier and health guard for trees and everything green on your property. In between the two main mulch types (the woody one which decomposes slower and is absorbed into the soil at low-paced rates and the moist one which decomposes faster), you should pick the moist variety to care for your trees.

Fast decomposing mulch needs regular replacements, but it also nourishes the soil in a more satisfactory manner, keeping the trees properly hydrated, fed and protected against pests and diseases. Moist mulch usually consists of paper, compost, composted manure, seaweed, grass clippings, shredded leaves, shredded bark, chipped twigs and straws and so on.

The role and value of mulch around trees is incommensurable:

  • It retains moisture protecting the trees’ roots in summer
  • It nourishes the roots and the tree system as it decomposes and releases its organic fertilizer compounds into the soil
  • Keeps pests, weeds and diseases away from the trees’ roots.
  • It offers an aesthetic value to the garden as it looks pleasant, neat and tidy, making trees and plants appear very well maintained the landscape very well tended to.


How to Mulch Your Trees in Summer

  • Place a 3-inch thick layer of mulch around each tree in a circle shaped area with the tree in the middle of the ring shape.
  • The circular area around each three should cover a 3-foot wide area. The larger the circle area, the more protection the roots systems will get.
  • Keep a safe distance of 3 inches between the tree and the mulch layer. If the mulch touches the tree bark it will produce a collar-rotting organisms’ infestation of the bark which is deadly for the tree. Separate the mulch from the tree with a circle of cobble stones – it will look spectacular!

Ask your local lawn care Milton, GA experts to help you with making / buying the best mulch for your soil and the trees you cultivate and keep everything safe, neat and hydrated all summer long!