Why Vista Turfcare

Vista Turfcare is a local company backed by over 15 years of lawn care committed to making and keeping your lawn as healthy and beautiful as possible.  We offer fully customizable programs and use only the highest quality products available. We understand your lawn is an extension of your home and how important it is to you, your family and your pets.

What we can offer and our competitors can’t is a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee for the quality of our services: none of our competitors can afford to offer that, because only we are confident enough in the quality of our service. In the words of our founder and owner, Matt Spedale, “Because of our belief in what we have to offer and our commitment to your happiness in our services, we offer a 100% guarantee of our work. You have our promise, we will not rest until you are satisfied.”

Our staff is composed of the most highly trained technicians in the industry, and each of them goes through a rigorous and lengthy training regime. We believe that true professionalism stems from continuous training and education, which is why we strive to keep all members of our staff up to speed with the latest innovations and trends in the niche. We truly believe you’ll be pleasantly surprise with how well-trained, knowledgeable and polite our technicians are, so if you see them in your yard and haven’t met them before, you should say hi! They are eager to learn any particular details about your lawn (every property is different), so don’t hesitate to talk to them if there’s anything you think they should know.

Our products are all environmentally-friendly and of the highest-quality. We believe that using products as natural as possible is not only beneficial to the health and sustainable good shape of your lawn, but it is also safer for the people and pets who spend time on the lawn. Therefore, every product we’ll apply to the soil or plants composing your lawn is free of harmful chemicals which could pose a health or environmental hazard. Other companies choose the products which can allow them to get away with higher margins, but that’s not us. Our main goal is to help your lawn reach its best shape possible in a durable and sustainable way, and that can only be achieved by giving you the best of the best.

Our services include the following: fertilization, weed control, personalized soil and lawn treatments (when necessary), tree and shrub care, core aeration, overseeding, the Moisture Manager program (helping you water more efficiently) and many related services. All of programs can be customized and tailored to your lawn’s specific needs, since every soil composition and environmental conditions (like humidity, shade and so on) are different. We have heard many horror stories from customers disappointed by an experience with the lawn service industry, and with our work, we aim to build a better image for our whole line of activity. Allow us to show you how a truly professional lawn service company should perform.

We stand by our work and treat your lawn as if it were our own.  Give us a call today for a free estimate and discover your lawn’s full potential!